Meet some very sweet bees! The more you know the more you'll be able to modify your yard for healthy pollinators

Bees 101

150 years ago there were 1,000,00 acres of Oak Savanah, in our vally. How do we recreate that? Or do we?

What is post-native?

Are you planting flowers for yourself, or with your critters in mind? If bees could vote, they'd choose these!

Bee Candy

host butterflies

This butterfly-to-be has very specific food sources. Encourage butterflies by knowing them. 

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What is this page?


Hello! Last year I decided that the only way to cope with climate change and living in a period of mass extinction was to do something - and although the problem is huge, as an individual I can only do so much. I can plant flowers for bees. True confession, I don't keep house plants because they die horrible deaths in my presence, so planting flowers wasn't something I had any confidence in doing. And all it took was 10 minutes online to realize I was pathetically ignorant about the insects around us. So I have spent since January of 2019 digging up my front yard, planting and trying to educate myself on what pollinators need. This website shares some of the things I've learned and hope make it a little easier for someone else who decides planting flowers is a good thing to do.  Thanks for visiting!  Carol

I can only do a little. What to do?

The ONE THING that had the biggest impact on for my pollinators was planting spices. Plant oregano or thyme or catnip and let it flower. They bloom for a long time, have flowers that many size bees use and seem to regenerate their nectar quickly. That's my One Thing suggestion!

Butterflies, moths

& Hummers

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