birds-epic bug eaters!

Fill up their habitat with natives plants

that will attract delicious insects 

   We're lucky to have over 120 birds that live in or pass through the Stafford Hamlet.

   They range in size from  the Great Blue Herons  and Bald Eagles to noisy bushtits and glittery hummingbirds   

   As different as our bird species are, they're all here for the food. As long as we have a habitat supporting nectar and insect diversity, we'll have birds, too. 


Download a full list of birds spotted in the Stafford Hamlet. How many have you seen? Have we missed some? Let us know! 

info for birds

Audubon Society birdhouse guide

Build a box for our most fragile Hamlet bird, the Western Screech Owl - PDF   (install by January)

Chart of PNW plants and the birds that use them. You'll see lots of plants you have already!

Local hummers have favorite plants. Click here to find a few!

Birdfeeders help overwintering and nesting birds

in a big way. Eric Griswold, a local wildlife

photographer,  gets close pictures of birds

at his home feeders.

Visit the Tips & Tricks posts for  examples of the

types of feeders he has and who comes to visit.  

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