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Planting a flower to help feed bees, then watch them visit is fun and easy. For the folks want to go a little deeper, this page is for you.  What bees & butterflies are in the Hamlet and how many can we classify? Using the site I started to map out what's living here with us. Can you help?  Two ways - send me a photo of a bee and what you think it might be and where you photographed &  I'll get the ID, or set up your own FREE account and get it ID'd there and send me the link and add it to the Stafford Confirmed Sightings page!

Yellow Face Bumblebee

Bombus vosnesenskii

Carpenter Bee

Subgenus Zadontomerus

Hunt bumble bee

B. hunt

Western Honey bee

Apis mellifera

Mason Bee

Genus Osmi

id by Eric Griswold .

Metallic Green Sweat Bee

Apis mellifera

Bumble bee

subgenus pyrobombus

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