Hummmmmm - what to plant?

We have a lot of Fuchsias in our yard. I like the upright varieties, the ones that can be planted in the ground. The Hummingbirds enjoy them all Summer and into the Fall. Some are fairly hardy, meaning that even if the tops freeze, they will grow back from the roots. Be sure to mulch them in the Fall. Most like morning sun and afternoon shade.

Fuchsia: Cardinal

Cardinal has a simple flower but can grow to abut 5 feet tall and is hardy.

Fuchsia: Voodoo

Voodoo has a big gorgeous blossom and will grow 2 or 3 feet tall depending on conditions and is hardy. Flash has small red blossoms and grows about 3 feet tall, is hardy and is a real Hummingbird magnet. There are hundreds of varieties of Fuchsias, not all are hardy, and some are meant for hanging baskets. It’s fun to try new varieties.

Crocosmia Lucifer with Hummingbird

Crocosmia, especially Crocosmia Lucifer will attract Hummingbirds. Plant bulbs in the Spring. They are hardy and can grow into a large clump. (Not a Fuchsia)

Monarda with Hummingbird

Monarda, or Bee Balm, attracts Hummingbirds and pollinators. Has a very unique and pleasant fragrance. Plant where it will get some ventilation, and look for mildew resistant varieties. Hardy. (Not a Fuchsia)

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