Join the Hunt for Bees & Butterflies!

and a chance to win prizes!

Students K-5 who study in public, private or home schools in the Lake Oswego & West Linn school districts are eligible for this contest. 

There are hundreds of pollinators lurking in your yard, your park and wherever you go this summer. These are the insects that move pollen in  flowers so that we have fruits and vegetables and birds have lots of seeds to eat.

Become an expert on the pollinators in your yard and join the Pollinator Scavenger Hunt! 


One - Help pollinators decide if you want to plant something for a butterfly, bee, or both! Then choose a flower they like and plant them in your yard, in a pot on your balcony, at a friend or relative’s, wherever you think bees or butterflies need your help.

Then make a bee or butterfly bath so they can drink water all summer! 

Two - Track pollinators  know the difference between a bumble bee and other bees, a butterfly and a moth and catch them digitally with a camera or phone.

Then send your insect pictures, along with one of your flowers and bee bath and your entry form by SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 to


The drawing will be Sept 7 in a Facebook live event and the prizes will be awarded at the free Stafford Hamlet Family Fest Sept 14th (If you can't come we'll make other arrangements).

Download the Entry Form and FAQ's for more details or email us with any questions.  


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Days left to enter!
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Allergic to Bees?

If you're allergic to bees you may want to  participate by drawing a bumble bee and a different bee instead of going out to photograph them, or you can focus on butterflies & moths and get photos of 4 of them! 


Butterfly Nursery! You can watch caterpillars morph into butterflies with this habitat nursery. Comes with a coupon for Painted Lady caterpillars you get shipped to you in the right season. Painted Ladies are native to our area, so just let them out to live in your yard. Donated by Kordell's Garden Center

Manufacturers photo

Mason Bee House!  Put this in your yard and watch the activity as mason bees move in and build their nesting space. Then Locally crafted from reclaimed materials and built to bee specifications. Donated by the Clackamas County Soil & Water Conservation District. 

Hummingbird Feeder! Hang a hummingbird feeder where you can see these magical birds every day! We're lucky to have an overwintering hummingbird that loves to live in our yards. Donated by Jade Whippets

Our Sponsors!

Special Sponsor - Fiala Farms, hosting our weekly Bee Safari's starting in July. Come take a walk and learn about the wild and domestic bees living in our neighborhoods. Visit the Farmstand for dates and times - and to get the freshest veggies picked daily!

Thanks to our sponsors for providing PRIZES!


Kordell's Garden Center- Plant store at the Rosemont & Stafford roundabout - lots of bee & butterfly plants that are guaranteed free of neonicatanoids and other harmful chemicals. And choice natives too!

Backyard Bird Shop - Locations in Lake Oswego & West Linn. Go-to shops for all your bee and bird supplies.

Jade Whippets - quality whippet breeders 'where the best of the past and present combine to challenge the future!'

Clackamas County Soil & Water Conservation District - 

and you? contact us to sponsor prizes for our school kids!

Magnifying box!  These Catch-and-release vials are perfect for learning about our small insect neighbors close up. There's air holes in the lid, which has a built in magnifier. 

© 2019 Carol Yamada

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